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An Unexpected Match:

Penny & George Get Married

In search of the perfect photographer and cinematographer, Penny yearned for someone that was not only capable of excellent quality, but also someone with a fashion flare. In short: she was searching for that “wow factor,” which would give their memories an artistic touch. The wedding was photographed by Nikos Gogas and filmed by Urban Cinematography. “This crew was our little secret,” Penny smiles. “To this day I continue to enjoy the reactions from others when we proudly display the memories of our special day.” Penny truly appreciated the effort, quality and results of the talented group, which she highly recommends for any occasion.

As much as the couple was focused on the elegant details of the wedding, the biggest priority for them was for all of their guests to have a memorable time as they had collectively travelled to Greece from six continents and then drove more than four hours from Athens to Monemvasia to be a part of the festivities. The party ended at almost 8 a.m. thanks to the wonderful efforts of DJ Stefano Fren and singer, Vaggelis Alkimos, who had almost all of their 370 guests dancing through the night and into the next morning.



Monemvasia from Urban Cinematography Penny Kallas and George Retsos Married on July 4, 2009 in Monemvasia, Greece

Penny and George grew up on opposite ends of the world—Penny in Vancouver, British Columbia and George in Pretoria, South Africa. George later immigrated to New York after receiving his master’s degree and it was there that he met Ginny, Penny’s best friend, through mutual acquaintances who recommended that the two meet. Bound for New York to visit college friends in 2006, Penny met George in a bustling club and it was love at first sight.

Although Penny was right, love didn’t come easy. George succumbed to the demands of his work, while Penny’s strong family ties kept her in Canada, so a two-year long distance relationship ensued. “It actually wasn’t that difficult,” George remarks. “I always ended up working late, so when I got home late every night, the three hour difference in Vancouver worked in our favor and it was convenient for us to talk over the phone for a few hours. I think that it would’ve been much more difficult if we lived in the same city or even the same time zone!”

During that time, they rendezvoused in different cities. “It was like a monthly vacation for me,” smiles Penny. For George: “As much fun as it was, I ended up working the entire time, so it was just great for us to be in each other’s company.” Then in 2008, Penny decided to follow her dreams and pursue a career in the high paced and fickle NYC fashion industry.

Once they were living in the same city, it only took George six months to realize the caliber of his perfect companion before they were engaged beachside in Aruba. “It’s quite a funny story actually,” recalls George. “Penny wanted to go to a wedding in Vancouver and I didn’t want to go. So I used it as an excuse to propose at an alternate venue,” he explains of his suggestion to “enjoy a relaxing vacation in Aruba instead.” But George couldn’t seem to arrange a mutually-convenient time to sneak off to Vancouver to ask for Penny’s dad’s hand in marriage, with his career prompting travel. So, going against his plan, “I ended up going to the wedding in Vancouver, as that was the only opportunity that I had to get to speak to Penny’s dad face to face,” says George.

Shortly thereafter, in 2009, the couple wed amongst the ancient ruins of Monemvasia (a favorite destination among Penny’s family) in what they described as “a fairytale wedding.” Both of Greek decent, they agreed that it was the perfect place for their nuptials as George’s and Penny’s fathers’ villages were only an hour away and Penny had always dreamed of getting married there. Guests were awed by the site of ruins within the castle of Monemvasia, which had an enchanting and magical aura.

Cinematography: Urban Cinematography, Thessaloniki, Greece;

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