"An American Odyssey"

August 20th 2011 was a day that Thea and George had put on the calendar almost 2 years ago. That date would be their wedding day! Preparing a wedding that would take place in Greece from America is not an easy task. I met George and Thea in the summer of 2010 when they flew to Greece to finalize their wedding commitments and I immediately saw the warmth of their personalities. They trusted me to film what would be one of their most important days of their lives.

Below is an email that Thea sent me on how she come to meet George. I hope they don't mind me sharing it!

"Hi Apostole,

I am attaching a letter that was given to George and I from Anesti who had set us up. Just a brief story on his view of when we met and how he did it. He had always mentioned he had a guy that was perfect for me and I was always reluctant to meet him. The day George called me as Anesti explains in his letter we spoke for 4 hours without ever meeting or knowing anything about each other and it was an instant connection. From that day on we knew we had found our soul mate and our match that we had been searching for our whole lives. We honestly could not imagine our lives without one another and we finally feel whole :) "

And here is the letter:

I remember the first time George made “The Call”. It was Labor Day, 2008. We were all gathered at Thea’s for her birthday soiree. I had given Thea’s digits and vitals to George one week prior. “She’s the Holy Grail man, a rare combination of beauty, intelligence and a heart of gold!” I said. “What?! No way, dude. Such a woman does not exist, and if she does, how is she not taken?” George was bemused. “She’s waiting for you man!” I responded. He really stretched the “3 day rule.” It took him over a week to call, something about being sick. “I didn’t want to talk with a stuffed nose and all. I mean how unattractive!” George was right, you only get one shot at a first impression, not like “Hey what’s your sign? I’m a Libra. I like long walks on the ‘cough, cough, cough’... uuuuuhhh and don’t feel so good… can I call ya back?” No, George waited for the upper respiratory infection to subside and then call. I think it began like this, “Hi uhhh Thea... It’s me George… I’m the guy… you know, uh, Anestis told me to call you.” Fast forward some three years. Think of all the candle lit dinners getting to know one another. Think of all the late night phone calls when all the lights are out and the shades are pulled. The house was quiet but for that pesky fridge compressor. George speaking in soft tones with an ear to ear grin, Thea lying in bed twirling I dare say magical strands of hair, both of you not wanting to say “Goodnight”. Think of all the afternoon texts between George’s Steak n Cheeses and Thea’s TPS Reports*. What about the vacations, sharing laughter at sunset over a crisp Pinot Grigio, and the hand holding down cobblestone paths. Amazing! Devine! Inspirational! I always said that “life is a tapestry of fate, woven by threads of chance and circumstance”* But in your case this is something far greater. Love is a gift from God - Something to cherish once it’s bestowed upon us. With all my heart and soul I wish you health, happiness, the comforts of friends and family (as crazy as some may be) and above all, I wish that your wedding day bliss lasts a lifetime.

Love, Anestis

The Wedding took place in Halkidiki, Porto Carras. Thea got ready in Villa Galini up in the pine tree hills overlooking Marmaras bay and George in Meliton Hotel in Grand Resort Porto Caras. The ceremony took place in Marmaras and the Cocktail Party and Reception In Villa Galini. Vila Galini was built during the years 1970-1974 based on the plans of a well-known architect from the post-war period Kostas Kapsambelis and is a remarkable example of monastic architecture. Villa Galini has played host to famous personalities from the arts and politics from all over the world. Melina Mercouri, Salvador Dali, Giscard d’Estaing, Francois Mitterand, Hans-Dietrich Genscher and many others have stayed in this jewel of Halkidiki and, of course, all have sampled and become fanatical fans of the Domaine’s wonderful wines.

Decorations: Xelle Wedding Planner: Anna Piatou Lighting: LOUD Photography: Nikos Gogas Videography: Urban Cinematography :)

Bridal Party Bride: Custom made Lazaro gown and Manolo Blahnik shoes. Groom: Gucci. Brides Mum: Custom made Gown and Suart Weitzman shoes. Brides Father : Burberry Suit and Accessories by Giorgio Armani. Brides brother: Hugo boss Suit and Accessories.

Next Photos are by Nikos Gogas.