Chelsea Flower Show 2017

Scape Design will create a show garden for M&G Investments at the 'Chelsea Flower Show' in London (23 - 27 May 2017).

Taking inspiration from the unique Mediterranean landscape of Malta, the design for the M&G Garden 2017 draws on the ecological diversity and sustainability of the region, which acts a microcosm for the planet as a whole.

To bring this story to life, James Basson has structured the garden within a quarry, each with its own ecology, from coastal to woodland.
This is the first time some of these plants will have been seen in the UK, thanks to the Maltese government giving James special permission to use them.

Larry Walshe Floral design used the unique colour palette inspired by James's Garden  to create the Dress for this years  M & G Investments Garden. This is the 3rd year we have had the privilege to work with Larry and create a brief insight into the creative process behind the making of the dress. Larry used soft peaches,creams and oranges with a hint of fern to complement the landscape of the Mediterranean and the traditional tabard design of Malta. 

Urban Cinematography love filming this type of project as we can tap into our love of nature and the outdoors. Chelsea is the iconic Flower Show in the gardeners diary and Urban Cinematography have immense pleasure in being a small part of bringing it to life.

Here's the link to the original Photo Call