The wedding of Ji & Huy took place in Santo Winery and followed by the reception at Pyrgos restaurant .

Wedding Videography can be very challenging when you have a destination wedding, there are so many factors to consider light plays an important role especially in Santorini where all the buildings are white and the light is very intense, it takes a very experienced wedding videographer to cope with these elements and Urban Cinematography rise to the challenge every time!

The Island of Santorini is a place close to our heart and to be able to film Ji & Huy's wedding in these beautiful locations was a privilege for us as filmmakers and Cinematographers. 

UK Wedding Coordinators: The Bridal Consultants

Santorini Wedding Coordinators: Weddings in Santorini

Photography: Nathan Wyatt

Ceremony: Santo Winery

Reception: Pyrgos Restaurant

Images/Stills from video ©Urban Cinematography